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Our Vision

Edge Treatment is a globally accessible, proven process for addiction recovery. It was created to bring individuals back from the “edge” (their last use), and lead them into a new transformed way of life, through well-rounded, personalized treatment and healing.

Edge Treatment was founded by people who have experienced addiction or have been touched by the disease. Our management team understands the challenge of addiction recovery, and we have invested in a facility that was designed—from the very moment of its creation—to understand our patients.

We have structured an organization that combines compassion with the focus and discipline necessary for successful addiction recovery. We know the milestones that each patient must reach to continue the recovery process, and we provide the people and resources necessary to meet each one.

Our patients are never alone on their journey.

Our addiction professionals have years of experience in working with patients, and they have successfully worked with people who are facing their addiction for the first time, in addition to people who may have attempted recovery several times without success.

We know how tough it is. We admire every patient who seeks to come back from the Edge. We’re ready to help.

Lasting recovery support

Our  Management Staff And Founders


Jack Spicer, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Spicer is a Board-certified physician with years of patient care experience. He understands how to help patients achieve their best health and avoid unhealthy behaviors. In his career, he has worked as a family practice physician and as a Medical Director for physicians’ groups and major insurance companies. He earned his medical degree from Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. He is certified through the American Board of Family Practice.

“I very much respect Josh and the staff and feel they always have clients’ best interests at heart. Their understanding of and experience with substance abuse treatment makes Edge a special place to work,” Dr. Spicer said.

Shakirah Forde is a multi-state Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a decade of experience in the mental health field. She specializes in addressing depression, anxiety, and substance abuse disorders.

Throughout her career, she has honed her expertise in a variety of therapeutic interventions, most notably cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, psychodynamic therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy. Forde has a robust history of working with adults in an individual and group setting, offering both telehealth and in-person counseling sessions. For the past three years, she has held the position of Clinical Director at Substance Recovery Centers, further showcasing her commitment and expertise in the realm of addiction recovery.

Forde earned a Master of Social Work degree from Hunter College in New York City, and her Bachelor of Science in Social Work from Lehman College.

“I’m elated to work for Edge Treatment because of their commitment to saving the lives of individuals struggling with addiction and their compassion and excitement to create a positive impact on the community. Edge Treatment’s passion for helping one of the most vulnerable populations can motivate anyone to get involved,” she said.


Shakirah Forde, LCSW

Clinical Director

Brandy Porter, LCSW, CAADC, MRT, CSAM

Assistant Clinical Director

Brandy Porter specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,  Dialectical Behavioral therapy, 12 Step Fellowship, Motivational Interviewing, Matrix Model, Relapse Prevention and Mindfulness. She earned a Masters In Social Work from East Carolina University.

She has been working in the mental health and substance abuse field for the past 12 years. She is also a person in long term recovery (not used any mood- or mind-altering chemicals since 2008). She believes by having lived experience along with her education gives her a unique perspective in treating substance abuse and mental health.

“I chose to work at Edge because I believed in the vision. I wanted to be a part of a family that truly cares about the people served and it is not a one size fits all. I believe Edge Treatment offers unique treatment that is tailored to the individual and to promote change in the community without judgment,” Porter said.

With a cumulative 16 years of immersion in the Substance Use Disorder (SUD) field, Lawton’s journey encompasses a rich tapestry of experiences aimed at facilitating recovery and transformation. For four years, Lawton worked as a Case Manager within a therapeutic community, providing crucial support and guidance to individuals navigating the intricate pathways of addiction recovery. Subsequently, she served two years as an Emergency Room Recovery Coach, extending immediate aid and resources to those seeking solace and direction during moments of acute crisis.

Lawton has held diverse roles within Transitional Housing, facilitating seamless transitions to independent living and fostering stability for individuals on their journey to sobriety.

Lawton chose to join Edge Treatment because of “a profound aspiration to catalyze profound change in the lives of others. Edge’s vision, centered around the ethos of ‘bringing individuals back from the edge,’ resonates deeply with my personal mission. I am driven by a fervent passion to effect meaningful transformations and empower individuals to reclaim their lives from the brink of despair. This passion serves as the bedrock of my professional ethos, infusing my decisions with purpose and propelling me to pursue avenues aligned with my core values.”

Deirdre Lawton, CCIT, CARES CPS-AD, CAMS

Program Care Manager

Ross Patton

Business Development

Ross Patton’s personal journey of long-term recovery uniquely positions him to create and maintain a safe environment for individuals seeking sobriety at Edge Treatment.

He is trained in mental health first aid and has completed the CCAR Recovery Coach Academy. He also has more than a year of experience at Iris Recovery.

Patton chose to work for EDGE Treatment Facility because he is deeply passionate about making a meaningful impact in the lives of individuals struggling with substance abuse disorders.

“EDGE’s commitment to providing Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) aligns perfectly with my belief in a holistic and patient-centered approach to addiction treatment. I am drawn to EDGE’s mission of offering comprehensive, evidence-based care to help individuals on their path to recovery,” he said.

Amy Thorne has started two incredibly successful businesses, in retail and digital marketing. Prior to this, she earned a solid reputation in the financial services industry, significantly increasing business at several companies. She also owns numerous investment properties and is an active investor in a variety of businesses.

Amy has a deep passion for helping those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, borne out of her personal experiences with extended family members and friends who struggle with substance abuse issues. Her ability to identify and attract stellar professionals in the field of drug and alcohol treatment sets Edge Treatment apart from other outpatient centers. She understands that addiction is a complex disease with a number of systemic forces involved, including social, psychological, and biological factors, making her the perfect leader for the treatment center’s professional team.

Thorne holds a degree in Finance from Kennesaw State University.


Amy Thorne


Joshua Jarvis

Chief Executive Officer

Joshua Jarvis is CEO and Co-Founder of Edge Treatment and IRIS Transitional Living Corp. Edge Treatment is based in Roswell, and IRIS Recovery is in North Atlanta.

IRIS works, through a community geared towards support and providing sober living housing, to help addicts transition from their last use into regular/sober society.

Joshua, who’s in long-term recovery, knows a thing or two about finding his way back from the Edge, and how challenging that can be. After a long journey back from the Edge and refocusing his life, he attended business school at Penn State University, and is currently completing the Certification in Addiction Counseling along with becoming an advanced counselor in Acceptance Commitment Therapy.


Edge Treatment works with people at different stages of recovery with outpatient counseling. If you’re just starting your rehab counseling or if you need occasional contact for your lasting recovery, we can help.

Although we are an outpatient facility not currently offering detox or intensive rehab services, do not hesitate to contact us as your first step back from the edge. We will not hesitate to put you in touch with the resources who can get you started on your recovery.

if you feel that you are in a physical or mental health crisis, dial 911 immediately.