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Transforming Lives by Healing the Whole Person

Our group therapy allows for recovery without disrupting everyday life. This is so important for many people suffering from alcohol or drug addiction. Our comprehensive, coordinated, and individualized services vary in intensity depending on the specific needs of each client seeking service.

As part of our group therapy program, you will engage with others who identify with the struggles and hardships associated with your addiction and desire to stop using. By fostering relationships and gaining support from others on the recovery journey, you’ll build a vital support network that can help you along the way.

As part of our intensive outpatient treatment program, our comprehensive group therapy sessions integrate proven, evidence-based therapy techniques with holistic treatment interventions. This structure ensures our program addresses the whole-person, allowing you to reclaim control of your life and achieve the full sense of wholeness you deserve.

One of our licensed therapists leads each group therapy session, employing a broad spectrum of techniques to help patients identify and address all areas affected by their addictions and any underlying mental health issues.

Types of Group Therapy Treatments

The Edge Treatment center therapists guide patients through various activities during the group therapy sessions, some of which may include:

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is often used in an individual therapy setting, but is just as effective in group sessions. In a group setting CBT session, patients will work with others to identify behaviors and thought patterns that trigger each individual’s addiction. Once identified, the therapist teaches ways to eliminate negative feedback loops and thought patterns and replace them with more productive, positive thinking.

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