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Recovery Through Whole Person Healing

Recovery from drug or alcohol addiction requires more than individual therapy. Our intensive outpatient treatment program includes a structured group therapeutic setting, which meets three to five times per week for about four hours each meeting day. The program’s course typically takes from five to eight weeks.

This type of intensive outpatient program benefits people in a variety of situations, including those who have recently completed an inpatient detoxification program, those who are on leave from work, and many other personal situations. The program involves group therapy focused on recovery and healing from substance abuse and the adjunct mental health issues arising from addictions.

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Solution-Based Therapies

Our intensive outpatient program focuses on helping people with addiction disorders gain foundational mental health tools to assist them in successfully navigating stressors and triggers. The tools and strategies learned in the intensive therapy sessions equip patients with a greater ability to maintain sobriety and avoid relapse. Examples of intensive outpatient discussion topics include:

  • Improving problem-solving skills
  • Gaining new coping skills
  • Methods for enhancing self-awareness
  • Recognition of unhealthy behaviors and activities
  • Confidence in asking for and receiving support

Our program allows participants to receive highly effective treatment while living at home without disruption of work or personal relationships.

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